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Trust Profile

The MAB International Trust (MIRT) is an unlisted Australian unit trust which owns 5 grocery- anchored shopping centres located in the Carolinas, a significant growth area of the USA.

Trust Details

Registered Name: MAB International Retail Trust (ARSN 121 054 662)

APIR Code: MAB0002AU

Established: March 2007

Property Portfolio Details:


$0.39 per unit as at 31 December 2016

$0.32 per unit as at 30 June 2017

Trust Strategy: The strategy for MIRT is to continue to operate for a period until March 2019. A further right to withdraw will be provided on or about 9 March 2019. MAB Funds will continuously review the opportunity to sell the MIRT assets over this period. If we take the view that it is in investor's best interests to sell the assets and wind up the Trust during the extension period, then we will do so.

MAB Funds will continue to focus upon asset management strategies for each property and will look for opportunities to add value through leasing and lease management.

Distribution Frequency: Quarterly, payable six weeks after quarter end

Income Performance:

Year ending 30/06/2017: 0.75 CPU, 100% tax deferred

Year ending 30/06/2016: 1.50 CPU, 100% tax deferred

Year ending 30/06/2015: 1.12 CPU, 100% tax deferred

Year ending 30/06/2014: Distribution Suspended

Year ending 30/06/2013: Distribution Suspended

Year ending 30/06/2012: Distribution Suspended

Year ending 30/06/2011: Distribution Suspended

Year ending 30/06/2010: Distribution Suspended

Year ending 30/06/2009: 5.18 CPU, 100% tax deferred

Year ending 30/06/2008: 9.39 CPU, 100% tax deferred

Year ending 30/06/2007: 2.63 CPU, 100% tax deferred


For further details see the MAB Funds Annual Reports.